Your path on planet Earth is an infinite spiral that connects your being in a human body with the cosmic source. Through an Akashic Record reading you can discover all the secrets through vibration, rhythm and the movement of the spiral. The spiral is the energy of the sacred. You can perceive it in all the holy places of all ancient cultures and traditions in all its forms. The spiral is the path to integrity and openness to your infinite potential. Personally, I have opened my access to the collective vibrational field through the spiral. The spiral accompanies me on all trips within every being that is ready to connect with the essence of his soul and start living according to the new perception through universal laws and in accordance with the natural cycles of the planet that is our sacred home.

Take the first step on the path of the spiral – book on line sesssion .

If you perceive a calling however slight, it’s time for you to learn more about your journey through your own spiral along with the divine sacred geometry of your essence within the macrocosm. You will recall the origin where your spiral was first born and to awaken your consciousness, this will allow you to transmute your daily knowledge and experiences through your inner divine power that will lead you to a life change that will elevate your consciousness as you move up the sacred spiral while you become and acknowledge yourself as part of the cosmos.  It is as if you fusion yourself with what has always been there to know your real sacred divinity ……